I began my genealogy journey several years ago with my own family. After researching my family back some 3 dozen generations, a true love for the research and the history and the discoveries that awaited me was born.  After my own family, I did my husband's and his was even more fascinating than my own with ties that went back to old England and the conquering fathers and kings of the middle ages.  It was nothing short of amazing! 

Since that time, I have done several extensive family trees for several other families, all by word of mouth, and after encouragement from them, I have only recently have decided to take it to the next level and offer my services to others. 

For the past two years, I have also worked for Ancestry.com volunteering my time to transcribe records into their databases, so I am very familiar with the records available there and on other genealogy sites as well. 

I have a true love and passion for the work and nothing is more exciting to me than discovering a story that a family had no knowledge of and introducing them to this. In my husband's family, this came about in an amazing story of a cousin from the 1800's (Frances Slocum) who they had no idea had been kidnapped by Indians when she was a baby only to be reunited with her family when she was 67 years old! She was an Indian through-and-through by that time and lived 3 states away.  Long given up for dead, her still-living sisters and brothers made the long journey to meet her again.  Books have been written about her story and it was an amazing discovery to make. 

This is what inspires me ... there is a treasure trove of information to be found. While not every family will have such fascinating histories, we never know what is there until we look.  So let me help you find your story!


Research My Ancestors

By Experienced Genealogist Kathleen Burch





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